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Door Repair

Property Maintenance and Management In
Butte, Montana

We always pick up the phone

We do the estimate and schedule the work sooner

We do small jobs too

How We'll Help With Your
Butte Property Management Needs


We use all the modern rental services as well as social media to keep our waitlist full and our properties 99% occupied.


We have a automated rent collection and a streamlined workflow for notifications and follow up to make sure anything that is owed is collected as quickly and completely as possible.


We use a room by room documentation process that is in complete compliance with not only the law but with what the local courts want to see. We complement that with 360 digital photography on every move out and periodically so that there is complete clarity about the condition of the property.


We do extensive screening and background checks to select ideal tenants for properties. Our no-pressure rental process ensures we're not jamming a tenant into a rental that they will always be trying to back out of.


We are a full service general contractor. We can handle a complete remodel as easily as can handled dead smoke detector battery. (This is our core service difference).


We do routine inspections and stay in close contact with the tenants to head off issues before they become a problem. In the rare case of an issue we pursue firm and timely resolution through an escalating process that starts with a firm conversation and ends with legal eviction and collections process.


What we do

Painting and Drywall services include water damage remediation; power washing; interior/exterior painting; staining, trim & finishes, patching drywall, texturing walls, color matching

Deep Cleaning and tenant turn over service.

Light remodels; bathrooms, kitchens, room demolitions and rebuilds

Lock and Key Replacement; including rekeying locks, knob replacements, deadbolt installations, including keypad locks and higher end systems.

Cleaning both light and deep.

Water heater removal and replacement

Minor plumbing tasks; include fixing leaky faucets, installing new bathroom hardware like faucets and showerheads, and removing or applying caulking in bathrooms and kitchens

Minor electrical tasks; replacing a lightbulb, installing a new light fixture or ceiling fan, installing home security cameras and equipment, and upgrading or changing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors

Window coverings services; installing blinds, curtains, and other window coverings.


Interior weatherizations; weather stripping and window filming or door and windows

Exterior plumbing weatherizations, including installing back drains, house draining, anti siphon spigot and heat tape

And more. No Job too Small, No Job too weird.


What Sets
Priority Maintenance and Management
Apart From the Rest?

We Actually

Know Your Name

In-house, highly experienced maintenance with 24hr emergency service for all your property needs.


We Are Experienced Pro's

Longest running, biggest, most experienced property management and maintenance company in Butte, MT.

Our Systems and Processes

We use property management software as well as automation and efficient workflows to ensure routine matters such as communications, invoicing, payments, collections and basic services are provided without any hic-ups


Vacation Home Service


Welcome to Priority Maintenance and Management, your comprehensive solution for premier vacation home services. We’re committed to creating the perfect retreat for you or your guests, providing detailed care and meticulous preparation for every stay.


We offer a full range of services which includes:

  • Deep cleaning of your property

  • Package delivery acceptance

  • Safe, offsite storage of valuables including art, alcohol or firearms, etc.

  • Furniture and fixture assembly

  • Boat maintenance and preparation.

  • Refrigerator and pantry stocking with preferred items

  • Specialty requests, such as rose petal spreads, chilled champagne, and floral arrangements

  • Full-scale property maintenance, including managing larger contractor projects

  • Security response to alarms and camera alerts


We maintain a thorough documentation process, consulting with you to ensure your property is exactly as you desire. Whether you're planning a personal getaway, hosting a gathering, or extending your hospitality to guests in your absence, we transform your property into an upscale retreat.


When the stay concludes, we handle the clean-up, secure your property, and store and inventory agreed upon valuables safely offsite to reduce loss from theft, vandalism, or fire in your absence. Our dedicated team provides security responses, promptly checking on your property if an alarm is triggered or security footage captures anything unusual.


Trust Priority Maintenance and Management – we make your vacation home our priority so you can prioritize the experiences that matter most. Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing every detail is handled, making your vacation property a powerful networking tool or a cherished place for your friends and family.

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Eviction Service


Need to sell your home vacant or need a fresh start with a new tenant?

Eviction is a daunting process. It requires time, effort, and most importantly, a deep understanding of legal regulations. At Priority Maintenance and Management, we provide end-to-end eviction services, enabling landlords and property managers to navigate this complex procedure with ease and confidence.


Our team of seasoned professionals manages everything from serving the initial notice to securing final property possession. We don't merely advise; we execute, ensuring complete adherence to local laws and regulations.


Why choose Priority Maintenance and Management?


  • Full-Service Management: We handle all eviction aspects, so you can focus on your core business.

  • Rapid Resolution: Our efficient processes ensure swift action, reducing property downtime.

  • Transparent Pricing: We offer clear, affordable pricing structures to fit every budget.

  • Take the burden of eviction off your shoulders. Trust in Priority Maintenance and Management to deliver complete eviction solutions, upholding the rights and dignity of all parties involved.

  • We’re So good that we do evictions for other Property Managers and Real Estate Agents.

  • No situation is too messy. Even if your situation is complicated we can put you on the right track and get it delivered for you with the maximum amount of compassion shown to the tenant.

Property For Sale Services

Luxury House

Selling or buying a property can come with a lot of unexpected and last minute hassles and mistakes can cost you from getting the best price. 


For homeowners and real estate professionals alike we offer:

  • Professional Floor Plans and 360 Self-Guided Walkthroughs: At unbeatable prices, our assets are created to give your listings a competitive edge.

  • Quick Fix Solutions: Stuck with a listing repair or a small task that no contractor wants to take on? We handle most jobs within 3 business days.

  • Save Deals and Delight Clients: You keep the deal on track and get to be the hero with the perfect solution.

  • Available at Your Fingertips: Just call or text us at 406.498.0182 and we'll be there to help.


Our range of services includes:

  • Repair/Improvement Estimates for Quick Sale: We minimize post-inspection headaches and maximize your property's market appeal with line itemed estimates that let you get the most bang for your buck.

  • Post-Inspection Repair Solutions: Quick and reliable repair services that save you time and stress.

  • Listing Asset Creation: We generate high-quality assets like floor plans, 360 photo walkthroughs, or drone videos of your acreage that drive interest.

  • Eviction Services: Efficient handling of eviction services for a smoother transition or the ability to list your unoccupied.

  • Rental Analysis: Detailed analysis to help you price your rental property accurately, and assess the value of a property you’re considering purchasing.


Turn to us for a streamlined, hassle-free complement to your real estate agent. We're committed to helping you maximize the potential of your property listing.

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Why Hire The Rental Management Experts
at Priority Maintenance and Management?


Because we are local rental market experts, we can make sure your property is rented for top dollar so you aren't leaving money on the table.


Our systems and processes make things like rent collection and repairs smooth. This ensures you get your rents on time each month.

Peace of Mind

Trying to manage your rental property yourself is stressful and even risky. Our expertise and systems will make sure you can relax and enjoy your life.

More About Priority Maintenance and Management and Our Property Management Approach

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Developing pride in an inviting and prosperous community by cultivating property and enhancing the lives of our neighbors. We nurture the investor mindset and the culture of social entrepreneurship, providing our expertise, community connections and direct support. Priority Maintenance and Management has been the premier property management company in South West Montana for two decades. We continue to provide the best service for property owners and tenants alike. Priority Maintenance & Management invests heavily in the community to help make South West Montana an ideal place to live and invest. Contact Priority Maintenance & Management today to find out how we can help you.

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