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Owner Resources

Owners Portal Propertyware Owner Portals provide secure, instant access to investment property performance. Owners will enjoy the benefits of real-time visibility.


Track Conversations with Owners Propertyware Owner Portals allows owners to communicate with management staff from one centralized location that’s available to them from any web browser or Internet enabled smart phone. Both owners and management staff will automatically be notified via email when new comments are added to a conversation stream. More importantly, all these conversations are automatically stored on the owner’s portfolio in Propertyware for future reference.


Collect and Pay Owners Electronically Propertyware makes it easy for an owner to check their balance and make contributions to their portfolio balance by credit card or electronic check (ACH) conveniently from a internet connected desktop or mobile device. These online payments are completely integrated with Propertyware’s owner ledger. Propertyware will even automatically notify owners via email when funds have been added to their account, when tenants have given notice and much more!


Offer Real-Time Visibility Owners can view real-time reports from their Owner Portal, giving them visibility into the performance of their investment properties. Any report in Propertyware can be published into the Owner Portal where customers can view them on-demand! Owners can even choose their preferred statement format and see it published online each time you share it with them.


The following is a list of questions commonly asked by current clients:


I would like to start using the Owner Portal. How do I get access? Email us a request and we will get it activated for you. If your feeling adventurous you can also try activating the portal your self. See the Owner Portal Guide and Link on the top right of this page.


Can I get back statements? Absolutely. The easiest way is to log into your owner portal and look under the “Statements” tab. If you don’t have a portal you can send an email to the accounting department. We will probably set you up with an owner portal at the same time.


I see that I have a balance on my statement. Can you send that to me? Possibly. Check the liability line item. Sometimes if your tenants have prepaid rent the amount showing as your balance may me money we need to hold until it becomes due. Also check the number. If its a negative number then this means your account is bellow the contingency reserve. A payment may not be needed as we will attempt to replenish your reserve from future rents. If you do have a balance above your contingency reserve (and the monies are not slated for disbursement in a future payment) we can indeed send it. Send us a request: accounting department.


I see “liabilities” on my statement. What are those? A liability is money that you have credited with (its already included in your balance) but isn’t yours (or at least its not yours yet). The most common reason for a liability is that one or more of your tenant has prepaid their rent. In this case, the amount has already been credited to your balance but needs to be offset by a “liability” since the charge to the tenant has yet to come due. As the rent comes due it will deducted from the liability freeing that money to be released to you. Its not sent to you immediately because there are rare cases when it might need to be refunded to the tenant such as a total destruction of the property (accidental fire, asteroid, etc); or when the tenant is month-to-month, has paid for many months in advance, and then gives a property 30-day termination notice. In short; take it as good news as a liability generally means we’ve already collected next month’s rent!

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